You Are Your Brand


YOU ARE YOUR BRAND. A lot of personal characteristics are GOING to be seen in your work… I mean, it is YOUR business.

So what’s the first step that you can take to work on inconsistency?

1. Start small, but make a weekly habit of a small task that you’d like to work on being consistent in. For example, start by implementing a small morning routine of waking up 30 minutes earlier than what you have been.

What’s the benefit of this? If you are able to wake up 30 minutes earlier, that give your 30 more minutes to either get something done towards your business, practice a small self-care method, or use that 30 minutes for some personal quiet time!

Once you’ve done this, work your way up the ladder adding other tasks to be consistent in.

It’s not your business that’s failing you… It’s you and your habits.

And as your personal development coach, I am here to tell you that you’ve got what it takes! I am holding you accountable from today forward, asking you to create one small task to work on consistency. 

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