The Value of Self and Content In Business

It can be tough, building your own business from scratch.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

ESPECIALLY when you’re learning to create CONTENT.

When creating content, it’s important that you understand it’s more than just knowing whom your audience is; it’s also about knowing who YOU are.

There are many entrepreneurs trying to sell you a dream when they’re unsure of their own. Uncertain of what they’re selling even works!

So as your personal development coach it is my duty to ask you, do you know yourself?

While you’re jumping straight into marketing, strategies, and content….

Do you know YOUR value and self-worth? How to use knowing that you’re purposeful and by that, what you do speaks through you?

Are you able to pin point two strengths and weaknesses that you’ve like to work on to develop your business around? Using what you already have to build a strong foundation on?

Do you understand the importance of your worth and how it plays into developing your content, your business structure, and your brand?

These are questions that you should already know the answer to.

In knowing these answers, in being able to talk with me about your self-worth and value, we can understand the direction you need to go in.

You’re not a computer. You are not a “one size fit all type of entrepreneur. You are a person with a personality, quality, and value that deserves to be put FRONT AND CENTER in her business.

So tell me, do you know your value?

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