Testimonials 2018

“Xerces is wonderful! She has amazing skills to help anyone on their journey to business success. Xerces helped me get clear on a business strategy within a very short period of time. So glad I met her in a Facebook group we both are in together.”

– Sulesa H. 


“She has helped me break out of my comfort zone and realize my full potential. All while being patient as I flip flop back and forth between two online ideas that I love both equally. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to go with Xerces. She has been a God send.”

– Michelle M.


“Xerces is amazing! She is so easy to talk to. She was straight up about everything, I love her energy! Just in the couple of days I decided to truly engage in her content I received so much clarity within myself and in my business. What I’ve received from her is invaluable. The connection I had with her is exactly what I was looking for in a guide. I definitely look forward to working with her in the future. Thank you Xerces!” 

– Jazmen M. 


“Xerces is a phenomenal facilitator of navigating the self-doubt maze of the mind. In a single hour long call she helped me go from unsure of the “right” path to having a clear purpose and actionable steps. 

I HIGHLY recommend her.”

– Kelly G. 


“Xerces is such a phenomenal leader! She’s so organized, professional and detail oriented, which I love! I thoroughly enjoyed her Clarity Masterclass and am still buzzing from the divine energy. 

During the masterclass, Xerces dissected clarity around your business and personal life with an emphasis on awareness. We got really deep because awareness is vital for getting to root of what’s blocking crystal clear clarity that comes quite naturally when we allow it.

I also walked away with new outlook on fear thanks to one of the masterclass participants. Fear is food. Instead of backing down if we feel overwhelmed by a project, just take bites, use it as fuel and eventually it will make you stronger and wiser. 

I’m so glad I joined Xerces’ masterclass and I will be in attendance next month for her next one!”

– Bridgette C. 

“I had a call with Xerces, and it went much different than I thought. BUT it was great! And it was hard! Getting your eyes opened how you are standing in your own way is something that needs stomaching… just as much as to stop doing it. 
During the call, a shift started. And I can still feel how my brain works on what has been talked about and put all into perspective. She also gave me steps I can start implementing today, questions to get real about to keep the ball rolling. 
I absolutely recommend working with her. If you feel that something is hindering you in your growth – in business or life, talk to Xerces. I look forward to working with her again.”
– Anuschka O. 
“Xerces is a phenomenal woman. The moment we started speaking on the phone, I immediately felt comfortable with her. After speaking with her for about 5 to 10 minutes, she was able to pinpoint exactly where I needed the most help. Then, she was able to help me make a plan of action to make my goals attainable. Thank you Xerces!”
– Wendi S. 
“Xerces is a kind, funny, & beautiful spirit. She’s inspirational & motivating but down to earth & you can totally relate to her. She has helped me so much, in such a short time! I highly recommend her to anyone who needs support or empowerment. She’ll kick start you into living a life that you love. She not only helps you accheive your goals but sets a great example by being someone who truly practices what she preaches.”
– Chelsea B. 
“Xerces is such a wonderful therapist. Before working with Xerces I was having panic attacks at least once a week on top of having anxious thoughts and feelings that caused me to constantly feel nauseous daily. After working with Xerces for 3 months, I went from having panic attacks and anxious thoughts, to going 6 months with no panic attacks, no anxious thoughts or feelings, AND I went months without depressive thoughts. Xerces truly helps you to overcome thoughts, feelings, and situations that you thought were debilitating and shows you that it’s truly possible when you love your mind. Very thankful for her!”
– Kindred N. 

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