"In life I always had troubles trying to understand who I was. I considered myself to be very spiritual, but I knew there was something missing. I sought out help from Xerces and at first I was definitely hesitant. After getting to know her and realize that she was in my corner, the relationship that we developed help me to gain confidence and understanding in whom I truly wanted to be. Xerces helped me to set goals and ACHIEVE them. She was there for me every step of the way and her positivity is what truly helped me through. Even when I didn't feel my best, she was there pushing me to be better each and every day. I can't thank Xerces enough for her hard work and dedication as a coach."

Shannon R.

"Xerces is a young intelligent woman who has your best interest at heart. I have never known anyone so genuine and true to what they do. For her not to be apart of my biological family, she definitely took care of me as if I was her blood kin. Her drives, her passion, and want for helping you are truly a blessing. I cannot thank Xerces enough for what she has done in not only my life, but my fiancé’s life."

Sean V.

"What Xerces does for a living is nothing short of awesome. The confidence that I've built in knowing that I am exactly who I want to be through her coaching, is a humbling and awesome experience. She is worth every session, every minute, and every second of your time!"


"After working with Xerces, I finally found the job I was waiting for, for so long! They made me a great offer and all of my "non-negotiable" and values were respected and my expectations were exceeded. Our sessions really helped me to focus on what was important and definitely contributed to me finding a fantastic position."

Stacey D.

"Thank you so much, Xerces! Everything has been going so well for me since our first session. I got the raise I wanted at work and I realize how much more confidence I have. I wake up grateful everyday with a big smile on my face."

Katie G.

"I interviewed a few other counselors and was put off by how much they talked and how little they listened! Xerces really knows how to listen. She has such a patient, grounded, yet totally engaged way of working. She was able to give me all the space I needed to think out loud (which is how I work through problems and dilemmas) and offered just the right amount of inquiry, support and encouragement to keep me chugging along. In my work with Xerces, I was able to identify my goals, narrow my focus and focus on what’s most important with my mental health. Because of her I have moved forward with my anxiety and life is much easier to face each day!"

Asia P.

"I worked with Xerces during a big transition time in my life. I was deciding between a career shifts and going to school. She helped me focus in on what I'd like to contribute to the world and navigate balancing work and personal commitments. Xerces is a great listener and was able to reflect back to me my own experience. I can especially recommend working with Xerces if you are at a point of transition in life and want someone who is action-oriented."

Christina L.

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