It’s a no brainer that when it comes to building your business, you’re going to deal with a nice amount of stress.

If you come into this business already stressed out, be prepared to have an overload.

What I have found as a personal development coach for women entrepreneurs is that a lot of women go in to this business not know what to be prepared for and not having the proper tools to managing stress.

Entrepreneurship is one of the top “jobs” that cause stress in a person’s life.

So if you came into this industry looking to get away from that… you’ve come to the wrong industry.

Luckily for you, I do have tips that can help you to better prepare and cope with the stress of being a woman entrepreneur!

  1. Try to practice gratitude whenever you can
  • When you first start working on your business, you can find yourself comparing your successes to someone else’s, which often leads to burnout, fatigue, high level stress, anxiety, unhappiness, and more. When you’re able to count each small success and be grateful for each little progression in not only your business, but your life and personal growth, you will find the journey of entrepreneurship a lot more pleasing and less stressful. It’s when you put certain parameters and “expectations” on yourself by comparing yourself to what someone else has done or is doing. Entrepreneurship is all about doing what works for you and wanting to be your own boss. Bring your own style of uniqueness into your business and have fun with it!
  1. Be a Positive Polly not a Negative Nancy
  • It seems easier said than done, I know. But what’s important as an entrepreneur is that you are training and developing your mind to see GROWTH and OPPORTUNITY in every situation that you face as an entrepreneur. I love the saying “when the mind is weak, you see things as a problem, when the mind is balanced, you see situations as challenges, when the mind is strong, you see situations as opportunities.” By strengthening your mind (meditation, stress management, self-care, personal development, guidance, positive affirmations) you are able to control your thoughts, look at every opportunity as a lesson, even what we would call “failures” as opportunities for growth. Instead of wallowing in the could’ves and should’ves. Now only are you helping your success, you’re also helping yourself to manage stress. The next time you see a situation as negative, tell yourself, “I can learn from this…”
  1. Practicing Self-care
  • THIS IS HUGE. Often times, entrepreneurs get so caught up in trying to pursue the success of their brand and business, they forget the most important assest – themselves. In order to be successful and continue being successful you MUST prioritize yourself and healthy habits such as sleep, healthy eating habits, limited amounts of caffeine and alcohol, exercise, periodic breaks from technology, etc. A truly successful person will strive to find an extreme balance in their life and business to help with stress moderation (for more information on how to practice self-care, contact me for a free 25 minute personal development consultation).


Stress is a part of life but it’s also a big part of being your own biz boss. Understand that if you’re able to manage your stress, success comes to you much easier and you ENJOY your success.


If this blog post is helpful for you, PLEASE leave a comment and let me know!


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    As a fellow woman entrepreneur in the healing profession I resonate with this post. I need self care if I’m going to thrive in my counselling practice.
    Very wise words xo

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      Thank you Talia! I really appreciate this! I would love to connect!

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    Basically, entrepreneurship is awesome for a number of reasons. From having more pliable hours to turn out to be your own chairperson and every single thing in between, a massive number of people are beginning their own franchise, substantially women. No matter, whether the business is small or large, I don’t think it’s an easy feat to run a sphere smoothly without taking any burden. In fact, it is more difficult for a woman to maintain a correct (work/life) balance. If a woman entrepreneur tries to become superwoman, then definitely she will be tensed by his personal and professional life. Thus, she should be down-to-earth in what she does. In addition to that, she should plan her hour ahead, entrust her duties and also she should take personal and professional goals separately, by which she will never be stressed out as a woman entrepreneur.

    • loveyourmind
      October 6, 2017 / 7:20 pm
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      Thank you for your thoughts!!! Entrepreneurship is awesome!

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