Stress Management Tips in Depth

Depending on who you are, stress can affect you in a different way. It can have an effect mentally or emotionally where it adds tension and strain no your everyday life. A lot of times we “excuse” stress for being an everyday part of our lives and that is definitely a bad sign. A bad sign that we aren’t taking the time to truly invest in ourselves and balancing our lives!

As a personal empowerment coach and a mental health professional, I realize that many women feel they don’t have the “time” to manage stress, thus letting stress take over their lives completely!

What I am going to provide in this blog is 5 awesome ways that you can manage stress to increase productivity in your life and balance your mental and emotional wellness!

1. Change Toxic Thought Patterns– Attitudes such as, “I must be competent and a high achiever in every situation,” are unrealistic. Sometimes people do not have conscious thoughts like this, but upon examination of behavior and attitude, find that they are holding themselves to a standard of absolute perfection. If these standards are not met, they feel like failures – thy often grade themselves as 100% or “F.” To change toxic thought patterns, work on focusing on what you can control, not what’s out of your control.

2. Accept and meet physical and psychological needs for exercise, rest, good nutrition, and recreation- Practice self-care techniques and attempt to nurture and nourish your body as well as your mind. Know your own physical limits and requirements and make them a priority. Be realistic on how to accomplish your goals.

3. Develop a sense of self-worth that is not primarily dependent upon success, achievements, or the opinions of others- There are two elements to our self-worth; an unconditional “no matter what” elements, and a conditional “I must prove my self-worth by accomplishments and approval” element. Self-esteem too often is based on conditions that require the opinions and approval of others or your own high deals. Wanting others to approve you is not unhealthy, but too much emphasis is placed on this.

4. Accept imperfection, failures, and mistakes in self and others without excessive anxiety- A healthy sense of self-worth helps balance inner critical voices. When there is an internal balance between self-worth and criticism, one often regards outside disapproval as learning opportunities and a healthy challenge, despite the unpleasantness. One does not need to take a defensive posture, which is characterized by denying and attacking.

5. Develop good, warm, supportive relationships- Establishing good relationships with people – family, friends, co-workers, neighbors – can reduce stress immensely. Anyone who wants to develop a deep, mutually supportive relationship must take time to work on it, developing empathy, using self-disclosure to show the person “inside,” expressing and dealing with feelings and emotions, making a commitment to another person.


If you are wanting to work more on developing great stress management habits, please set up a consultation with me!


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    We tend to underestimate the value of self care as a tool to manage stress.

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      Yes indeed! It’s truly essential. Stress is only a factor when we allow it. Although it’s an external factor that has an effect on us internally, we truly do have a way to manage and prevent stress most times! Thank you for sharing Sue! Have a great Sunday!

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