Questions to Ask Yourself to Get Clear On Your Vision

Do you need anyone to help you achieve your vision?

A clear Vision is necessary but not sufficient.

Your Vision becomes your Goal.

There are some new age programs that may lead you to believe that if you create a ‘wished for’ vision and concentrate on that vision long enough, it will come to you.

Sounds nice and easy, even too good to be true?

And you know what they say, if it is too good to be true, than it is not true.

Success, and remember this is any degree of success, can only be achieved by planning.

Successful people make plans for success. True success comes from Vision, but it needs a Strategy.

Some questions to answer:

1. Are you getting the most value from your life? 2. Do you plan?
3. Do you have a Life Plan?
4. Do you have a daily plan?
5. Do you have a weekly plan?
6. What is your 5 year strategy for your life?
7. What kind of plan do you need to create?
8. What help or resources do you need?
9. What is your next step?
10. What is the best way for you to make this happen?
11.What should you try this time that you haven’t tried before?
12. What does planning mean to you?
13. Why should you plan?
14. What examples of planning do you use every day?
15. What is your next step?
16. What structures would help you remember your to-do actions?

When you’re working on a strategy for your vision, whether it is personal or business, having a plan with a visual execution is key!

Do you have a plan? Do you need help creating your vision?

If so, please contact me for a FREE 20- Minute Vision Call as we help you to really narrow down what needs to happen in your life!

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