Life Therapy for Entrepreneurs

What Do You Do?

I provide you with psychological tools, tactical insight, and introspective understanding so you can unlock resources in your mind. This means you can up your game, take it to the next level and unleash your entrepreneurial spirit. It means you’ll create more freedom, more wealth and more impact.

How Do You Provide This Service?

My client and I do this through one-on-one consultations. The entrepreneurs I work with find my all-digital access fits their busy lifestyle perfectly, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same. Let’s be honest – who has time for weekly sessions in the therapists chair?! This way, you can reach me any time you please, from any time zone and from any place in the world.

I offer three different consulting packages, and depending on the results you want to achieve, you can expect to invest between $700 to $3,000 for one month of professionally “held space” and strategies that accelerate you towards your goals. Since most clients try out their newfound learnings, rave about them and come back for more, I also offer a discount rate for those who choose to work with me for a three to six month period.

What Can You Provide To Your Clients?
• Help you to gain clarity in your life and business
• Create a vision for your life
• Identify your values, strengths and goals
• Move past your blind spots (we all have them)
• Create an efficient time management system
• Establish work/life balance
• Thrive in times of transition
• Develop emotional awareness
• Identify and re-work negative perspectives, patterns or old ways of thinking that no longer serve you or the pursuit of your goals
• Break down your goals into small, achievable action steps that are big enough to move you forward and small enough to be realistic. Realistic goals are key to success.
• Gain emotional control to empower your inner boss and boos confidence and self-esteem to motivate your drive and ambition to become a boss!

As The Ultimate Mind Therapist for Entrepreneurs, I help my clients attack any emotional or mental blocks their currently dealing. I help to promote a confident and trusting YOU as YOUR BRAND.

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