Be aware and beware of making EXCUSES and inventing reasons why life is too difficult for you to navigate through and/or manage on your own.

Now that I’ve got your attention, I’d love for you to think about something!

I think we can all agree that Most of us were taught to approach life in a very linear way; life appears to move forward, right?

And as life moves on, it’s logical that the more change and transition you go through, the more opportunity you have to understand the patterns of your life, how you handle change, and whether or not you can successfully navigate necessary transitions along your journey.

Being able to understand, to know, where you are at any given point is a very valuable tool. By the time you are a young woman you’ve experienced enough to know some essential things about yourself: what you like and what you don’t like, what you excel at and what you have no interest in, what your special talents and gifts are, what really works for you, and what falls short of your reasonable expectations. At least that’s what we expect right?

As you move forward in life you begin to realize that all of the things you’ve experienced are what mold you to become a better woman, are what are able to equip you to handle certain situations and be “aware” of when similar situations arise that you can prepare for ahead of time.

As you go through life and grow through life, there are some key principles that are important to understand along this journey.

  1. Whatever happens to you is ultimately up to you! (Yes I mean this)

Be aware and beware of making EXCUSES and inventing reasons why life is too difficult for you to navigate through and/or manage on your own. Do NOT assume that what seems comfortable and familiar is always for your greater good, because it’s not. That comfort zone can keep you stuck, stagnant, and unhappy if you pay attention. By relinquishing your responsibility for yourself you allow others to make vital choices and decisions for you. It’s no longer your life; it’s someone living your life for you.

  1. After you’ve weighed your options, you need to put your thoughts and feelings into motion. (Or you’ll end up stuck in that comfort zone)

Conscious action has the power to creatively translate your personal, intimate, inner world into a tangible, recognizable process in the world outside of your self. Consider all of the possibilities and then choose one and pursue it to its conclusion.

  1. Becoming personally accountable for yourself and your actions frees you from outside influences, boosts confidence in your ability to make healthy choices and decisions, and ultimately fosters trust in your own process.

This is also a key way to express your individuality, to present a unique and fresh perspective. Recognize that change is essential for living a fruitful life. Fear of change, fear of stepping into the unknown, creates a monolithic existence, often dull, narrow in scope, and uninspired. Change creates possibility.

  1. Make sure to take time for yourself.

What do you do when you sense that you yourself may need to adjust your plans as opposed to an outside event that forces you to change? Perhaps you begin to feel that the course you’ve set out on doesn’t feel right or are experiencing inner turmoil about a decision you’ve made.

The realization that things aren’t what you want them to be may be accompanied by any number of emotions and their degree of severity: fear, frustration, resentment, guilt, anxiety and/or depression, and even panic.

The realization or insight may hit that the choices or decisions you’ve made aren’t working—maybe never did, maybe never will. Perhaps the direction your life has taken had more to do with influential people around you and you want and intend to do something different for yourself now.

Decide to take ownership and responsibility for your life’s choices and their consequences.

Choose to do what you feel is best for you. Choose what’s more interesting to you, or something you feel passionately about, or focus on what you believe will be most-fulfilling and satisfying. Be prepared for input from others, whether you want that or nor, but stick to your guns once you begin.