It’s Time For A Change!


Instead of being a victim of circumstances, you obtain the power to create your own circumstances or at least the power to decide how you are going to act in the face of circumstances that life presents to you.

It doesn’t matter what happens to you in your life; it matters what attitude you adopt.

And the attitude you adopt is your choice!

The victim says: Every bad thing in my life is others’ fault, but if you are not part of the problem, then you also can’t be a part of the solution or -in other words -if the problem is caused by the outside, the solution is also on the outside.

If you’re coming in late to work because of “traffic”, what has to happen so that you can get to work on time?

Traffic has to disappear magically!

Because as long as there is traffic -you will always be late.

Or you can act like a protagonist and leave home on time.

Then it depends on you.

Ask yourself the following questions:
👉Who are you blaming for your life situation right now? (Your partner? Your boss? Your parents? Your friends?)
👉What would happen if you stopped blaming the others for what happens to you in your life?
👉What would happen if you would stop being a victim of the circumstances?
👉Is it comfortable for you being the victim?
👉What benefits does it have for you to be a victim?
👉What would happen if you stopped suffering in your life and took the decision to change it?
👉What would you change?
👉Where could you start?
👉How would you start?

Action Step:
👉Write down five things that you can do in the coming week to start changing the course and start taking charge of your life.

In order to start making changes, you have to be aware of the THOUGHTS and BEHAVIORS that need changing!

👇What is ONE thing you can do to start changing & taking charge of your life? 👇


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