What is a Mind Therapist for Entrepreneurs?

As a business mindset strategist, I empower you to set goals and establish accountability for personal and professional success. I guide you as you articulate your aspirations, clarify the choices before you and create action plans to achieve your goals. You set the agenda, and I serve as an objective sounding board to help keep you focused and on track. I help you break through old barriers and develop new practices so you can reach your desired goals.
I provide you with psychological tools, tactical insight, and introspective understanding so you can unlock resources in your mind. This means you can up your game, take it to the next level and unleash your entrepreneurial spirit. It means you’ll create more freedom, more wealth and more impact.

What does a Counselor do?

Counselors help patients work through personal issues. They provide psychotherapy, assessment, diagnosis, and crisis management. They also provide a compassionate and understanding unbiased perspective that will help you understand the issues you’re dealing with.

What Can I Expect From A Mind Therapist?

Although the experience is different for everyone, my clients report common outcomes. As a result of my guidance & support, my clients report that they are better able to effect change and accomplish goals. In addition, my clients enjoy increased self-esteem, improved communication skills, enhanced relationships, better work/life balance and less stress. They are better able to make decisions and navigate the daily demands of their jobs and home lives. They have a clearer sense of what is important to them and how they want to live their lives. They feel better physically; more connected spiritually, and are finally moving forward towards definitive goals.

What Are the Benefits of Phone Sessions?
Sessions over the phone allows you to open up more fully and provides you with flexibility in your environment. Instead of worrying about what you may look like when you get emotional, you are in the privacy of your own home so you can really focus on the work at hand. Or you may prefer to bring your cell phone to your favorite location where you feel most relaxed, creative or energized. Again, coaching is all about you – so you get to decide. Sessionsover the phone also allows you to work with me regardless of the country, city or state in which you live.

What About Confidentiality?

Everything we talk about is 100% confidential and unless you tell someone that we are working together (or give me your express permission to do so) no one will know that we have spoken

What is your availability?

I work with individual clients via business mindset Mon-Thurs 10:00am-6:00pm Eastern and am usually available for our first session a week after initial inquiry. For counseling my office hours are Tuesday and Thursday 10:00am-5:00pm Eastern.

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