Xerces Lewis has been working with teens, women, and couples since 2013. Earning a Bachelor of Arts & Science degree in Psychology from the University of Louisville, and a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from the University of the Cumberlands, Xerces gained experience in the field through working with teens from the sixth through the twelfth grade level over a course of 4 years in the educational system and gaining experience through her graduate program as a Private Practice Student Intern. She earned her Masters of Arts & Science degree in Professional Mental Health counseling and has been working with teens, individuals, and couples since 2015. As a member of the Space Coast Mental Health Counselors Association, Xerces Simpson is pursuing her Licensure in the State of Florida to become a Mental Health Counselor. She is currently a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern.

In her work as a counselor

She focuses on the inherent strengths and value of each individual, mind/body connectivity, and the systemic nature of relationships. Her approach is multidimensional and eclectic, pulling from a variety of theoretical frameworks and experience, centered to meet the unique needs of each teens, woman, and couple. Some of Xerces’ interests and experience include working with teens, women, and couples in focused areas such as personal growth; life transitions; school related issues; relationship issues; women’s issues; stress; anxiety; depression; and self-esteem.

In her work as The Ultimate Mind Therapist for Entrepreneurs

She focuses on helping the client achieve their life goals and help them to become empowered in mind, body, and spirit. Through her educational and life journey she has gained the knowledge and experience to pursue a passion in helping entrepreneurs like you master the psychology of reaching their goals of success faster. Her approach focuses on actionable psychological insight that creates practical, measurable results, making her an ideal choice for the busy entrepreneur who wants to fast-forward success – the kind of person who wants to rapidly leave roadblocks behind and make big things happen quickly.

When working with her clients, she helps to guide you past your old mental/emotional patterns of thought-beliefs that you continue to see blocking you from upleveling in your business.

Helping women has always driven her brand and motivating women to find their passion, who they are (purpose), and work through their WHY each and every day. Her goal is to help each woman that she sees, feel confident in who they are as a woman and a businesswoman. Even when they're dealing with life's issues, her clients are able to look confidently at themselves in the mirror and motivate themselves to conquer the journey they face each day!

Xerces is a “no-nonsense” Mind Therapist with real-life empathy. After experiencing her own personal growth from a life-altering wake-up call, she is committed to empowering women to live 100% authentically in what fulfills them. She works with driven entrepreneurs to help them successfully write their next life chapter. She will lead you on a path of self-discovery to uncover what fuels and limits you, and equip you with practical tools to increase resilience to create the life YOU want.

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